termites american pest control

We hear the word “termite” and automatically envision our homes encased in a plastic bubble with men in HazMat suites informing us that our home is condemned and we can’t go in and get our things because everything is covered and being eaten by termites.

Of course, termites usually do not cause such an upheaval, but they are not something you want in your home!

It’s important to be informed about all things that are affecting your home. Therefore, here are three kinds of termites and the necessary information you need to know about them:

Native Eastern Subterranean Termites american pest control

Native Eastern Subterranean Termites

These are the most common type of termites in North America. Their bodies are brown-black and about 10 millimeters long. Their colonies are usually located in the ground. Despite their size, they can eat up to about five grams of wood per day. The best treatment for native eastern subterranean termites is chemical treatments and baiting systems.

Southeastern Drywood Termites  american pest control

Southeastern Drywood Termites

Just as the name says, these drywood termites are primarily found in the southeast of the United States. They come either yellowy brown or reddish brown with 11 to 12 millimeter long bodies. These termites actually fly around to find exposed wood on your home and infest the areas. These termites are best treated with fumigation and direct wood treatment.

Formosan Termites american pest control


Formosan Termites

These are the real scary ones. Hailing from China, these termites are large, live in huge colonies, and are able to consume a great amount of wood. They come about 14 to 15 millimeters long and are light brown in color. Nesting both above ground and inside homes, trees, and timbers, formosan termites eat away at wood in layers. Chemical treatments, in-ground baiting systems, and direct wood treatments are necessary to rid a home of these pests.

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