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Common Wildlife In Georgia


Believe it or not, the two most common types of  bats in Georgia are the Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown Bat. They are both insectivores (strict diet of insects) and actually help the environment by consuming large amounts of insects. They are protected by both state and federal laws, making it illegal to kill bats. When American Pest Control is called in for a bat problem, we use exclusion practices to eradicate the pests from your property and then ensure the bats cannot return.


Primarily found in the Northeast part of Georgia, raccoons are extremely intelligent and mischievous animals with the ability to climb trees and homes. They are often found in attics – usually looking for food and/or shelter. In springtime, female raccoons search for safe places to give birth and raise their young. This is a time to keep an eye out for extra raccoon damage. Raccoons will also cause damage to your pet food and garbage bins. Do not leave these unsecured outside.


The two most common squirrels in Northeast Georgia are the Eastern Gray Squirrel and the Southern Flying Squirrel. Squirrels usually take up lodging in attics and they may cause structural damage from droppings, chewing through wood, wires, and insulation. You can expect more squirrel activity in the fall and winter because of the cooler weather and in the spring during mating season.

Even more common pest to come…