In a world of technology, it is hard to find the right lines of communication to effectively reach our customers and deliver remarkable customer service. American Pest Control has taken extra steps to ensure our communication reaches each customer in the most effective way that suites their personal needs. Just like we feel that your pest control service should be tailored to you and your family’s needs, so should the way we communicate with you.


When you call the American Pest Control number you will reach one of our friendly, helpful and KNOWLEDGABLE Customer Service Representatives. What’s unique about our Customer Service Representatives at American Pest Control is that each one has obtained their Georgia Structural Pest Section Licenses which regulates pest management professionals and requires them to continue their pest control education to keep their licenses up to date. They have a great understanding of issues you are having and how to resolve those issues quickly. Once you have set up an appointment with our Customer Service Representatives, we send you an email to confirm your appointment. This email is a great security feature which will also include a picture of your technician, so you know exactly who to expect. The next communication you will receive will be from one of our Universal Technicians. They will greet you at your home ready to get to work. Once they have listened to your pest issues and concerns, they will start a service tailored to your specific needs. After the service, your technician will let you know what they found, how they will treat the issues and what you can expect in the next few weeks so that you can build a relationship based on communication and confidence in our services.


Our communication with you doesn’t stop once you become a customer, in fact we increase communication efforts to insure you are never left out of any part of the process. We communicate with you the way you prefer to be communicated with and tailor it to fit your lifestyle. We call, text, and/or email one week prior to your scheduled appointment to alert you to your upcoming service. If this time and date doesn’t work for you, you may call the office and have it quickly rescheduled. If we ever find any additional issues during your service, from an unwanted animal in the attic to a damaged water pipe under your home, we will work diligently to remedy the issue and get in touch with you immediately. Along with keeping you informed of services, we are always here to personally answer any questions that might arise and never make you go through automated voice services to get to a customer service representative. You can even email a photo of a pest to your customer service representative or bring a pest by any of our office locations for identification.

As you can see, our lines of communication are always open and working to keep you informed, up-to-date, and to build the trust required to give you a remarkable customer service experience. We are always working toward better communication with our customers so that they can rest assured that we are always protecting their most important investments.


We value your feedback! We’d love to hear if you’ve been pleased with your service or if you have had any concerns with your experience, so your technician may send you a review invitation after your service appointment. This review invitation makes it easy to leave a quick review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

If you would like to learn more about our services please contact your local representative or visit us at!