Roaches. Just saying the word makes many people squirm. They aren’t just city-dwelling pests. Cockroaches have existed for over 400 million years. They are basically the longest living fossils.

Not only are roaches just plain disgusting and a bother to deal with, they have been linked spreading E-coli, strep, staph infections, and food poisoning. Attracted to any food or substance that will give them nutrition, roaches often occur in groups. To help prevent against an infestation, you should keep your home clean with minimal food being left around or food residue going uncleaned.

Here are a few kinds of cockroaches:

American cockroach american pest control


A.k.a: waterbug, palmetto bug. While they are called “American” cockroaches, they are actually not from the United States. These red-brown and fully winged bugs¬†really came to America via trade ships arriving from Africa. Found in a variety of environments, these are primarily found in restaurants, stores that sell food, and processing plants.

german cockroach american pest control


The most common type of cockroach, the german roach is found all over the world, and is known to carry pathogens and cause allergic reactions in people. Found primarily in kitchens and bathrooms, they prefer warm, humid environments. They are identified by their light brown-tan coloring with two stripes down their back.



Another interesting name anomaly, the oriental roach is not from the “oriental” regions of the globe, but from North America and found all over the world. Known also as a black beetle or a water bug, they are usually shiny and black or red-brown. An outdoor roach, they are found under rocks, vegetation, and debris. They usually only enter buildings and structures if they are attracted to a food source there.

smokybrown cockroach american pest control


Sometimes it’s in the name. This roach is a smoky-brown color, not native to the United States, they are found primarily in the south. These are probably the most harmful type of roach because they often cause allergic reactions in people with asthma and carry allergens that may cause rhinitis and skin irritation in people.