Out of the 35,000 species of spiders found worldwide, 3,000 occur in North America. Most of these species are household pests that feed primarily on other insects. Only two groups, the Black Widow and Brown Recluse, are considered dangerous to humans.

We are bound to see a spider at some point lingering in our homes. But how can we tell that we have a spider issue in our homes? And what can we do about it? Read further to determine if you have a spider issue.

The fist thing you may notice if you have a spider issue is the tale tale sign- spider webs. These webs will be in area’s that are not visited often, such as under tables, behind furniture and in the corners of the walls. You may notice that as soon as you knock them down, they are right back again. Another thing that may be noticeable to you is egg sacks that are visible in/or around the webs.


The other obvious sign of a spider issue is seeing spiders often. They will hide in area’s that aren’t as visible but once they become a problem in certain areas of the house you see your not so welcome friends more often. around doors and windows (where they can easily catch their food), is where they like to hide from view. It’s likely that we pick up spider bites in doors rather than out in these situations. So what can we do about this spider issue?

We asked one of our tech’s to share with us the method of treatment for a spider issue.

His first approach is to identify what type of spider it is. This can tell him more about its habits and how this particular spider behaves. Next he will look for entry points and assure all forms of entry points are sealed. (See Integrated Pest Management to learn more about this method).  While doing your pest control treatment, he will pay close attention to entry points such as windows, eaves and doorways inside and outside your home.

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