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With a total of 45 years of experience in controlling pests and termites, every member of family business American Pest Control has expert insight to share. The company prides itself on being a source of trust and safety for both individual homeowners and commercial facilities in northern Georgia. American Pest Control employs state-licensed pest technicians who use the most modern and efficient methods available, and the business puts a lot of emphasis on education. The best way that residents and business owners can protect themselves against common pests is by understanding what they’re up against. That’s why American Pest Control cares about not only helping clients in times of need, but sharing important facts that can guide their futures.

American Pest Control treats a number of different pests which are commonly (and less commonly) found in Georgia. We focus on pests both inside and outside the home, such as termites, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and ants. We also take on larger specimens like millipedes, centipedes, springtails, and scorpions. Our technicians are highly trained to distinguish the roots of different infestations and to even recognize signs of past treatments. Staying updated with our pest facts can mean a world of difference and save you time, money, and stress.

Some of American Pest Control’s happiest customers are those who thought they had a certain pest problem and were trying incorrect treatments until our technicians pinned the real source of their infestation. Because all of our pest technicians undergo constant training and courses, we are able to make the correct, ultra-specific choices (like distinguishing an ant from an ant mimic spider, or a roof rat from a Norway rat). We also focus on all of the pests which are common to Georgia specifically, including cutworms, bean leaf beetles, mole crickets, and stink bugs.

By sharing our facts and personal experiences with pests of all kinds, American Pest Control hopes to raise awareness in communities throughout the state and beyond. For example it is important to distinguish different pest concerns depending on your location; your local sanitation efforts (or lack thereof) can make you more vulnerable to creatures. American Pest Control also educates customers about the possibilities of disease or allergy flare-ups due to the presence of pests. We also hope to use our educational tools to make every structure in Georgia, be it a home, a classroom, or a homeless shelter, a safer place to stay.